The Spirit Of Sedona


The Spirit of Sedona

Our small desert mountain town of Sedona is widely known for its spectacular red rock formations and has developed a worldwide reputation as a place of enlightenment.

Because of the region’s unavoidable magnetic pull, many with believed strong intuitive powers are drawn to Sedona to make it home and provide their services where the earth’s energy is strongest.



What is the Sedona Vortex?

Visitors travel to Sedona to experience the heightened earth energy released at intersecting ley lines that our scenic town lies on. This is commonly referred to as the Sedona vortex.

Dating back to the 1500’s, Sedona has been recognized as one of the most spiritual destinations in the world, and offers a vibrant holistic health and wellness community.

Locals refer to Sedona as Arizona’s “cathedral without walls”. As you begin to wander around and take in the beauty of Sedona’s scenic hiking trails, it is easy to see why many call the overwhelming beauty a spiritual experience.



Holistic Health & Wellness

Sedona is the perfect destination for nourishing your body, soul and spirit. Here you will find a gathering of some of the most talented healers, intuitives, and teachers in the world.

You are sure to find Sedona a rejuvenating experience!

Please call for our recommendations for Yoga, Qigong and a relaxing Full Body Massage

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