What is the Sedona Vortex

April 28, 2021

What is the Sedona Vortex?

With over 4 million visitors per year coming to Sedona to experience the Sedona vortex, red rocks, and spiritual energy, it’s not surprising that many visitors set out to make their Sedona getaway a learning and growth experience.

You may hear the word “vortex’ mentioned casually in conversations around the area. The term vortex refers to a particular place where the Earth’s energy is swirling (much like a tornado) and is drawing to its center all the energy in its surroundings. We like to refer to this special energy field as the “Spirit of Sedona“.


The Science Behind the Sedona Vortex

Vortices (plural of vortex) are the intersections of natural electromagnetic earth energy, also known as ley lines. Ley lines can crisscross around the globe (much like longitudinal and latitudinal lines) which are said to create different types of energy vortices.

Where these lines intersect, pockets of concentrated energy can be found and said to be harnessed by certain individuals. For example, the Great Pyramids of Giza, Chichen Itza, and Stonehenge are all wonders of the world that have a presence on the ley lines and near energy pockets. This could explain their creation and why each has defied the laws of architecture at the time.


Finding a Sedona Vortex

sedona vortex, boynton canyon, sedona
Boynton Canyon Vortex, Sedona AZ

Sedona is home to spectacular hiking trails that range from easy to extremely difficult. If health or fitness levels prevent a strenuous hike, you can always book a Jeep tour or rent one of your own and make your way to some of the less-traveled areas.


Many locals seem to agree that there are four main vortices near Sedona, though some believe there are a number of other smaller ones with more masculine, feminine, or overall balanced energy.

Others describe the whole area as being one giant vortex and believe the energy is moving upward or downward, depending on the vortex. In general, the main vortex locations and energies found there can be broken down into four distinct areas:


  1. Airport Mesa Vortex – A masculine vortex that is said to send your spirit soaring with a sense of oneness with a higher power.
  2. Bell Rock Vortex – Noted as an “upflow” area (also referred to as masculine or electric), best for finding clarity to solve problems from a higher spiritual perspective.
  3. Boynton Canyon Vortex – 8 miles west of the Sedona “Y”, this energy is said to strengthen spiritual balance.
  4. Cathedral Rock Vortex – The first half of the trail is said to strengthen the feminine side with a sense of greater serenity. As you wander between the top saddles, you will find a combination vortex (sometimes called electromagnetic), which allows a deeper meditation and spiritual practice.


sedona vortex, vortex twisted tree, sedona
Airport Mesa Vortex, Sedona AZ

Locals say look to the trees. As you wander your hiking trail, you’ll find nearby juniper trees with severely twisted trunks and branches—an effect attributed to the vortex energy — and said to be a sign that the vortex is nearby.


Before you head out on your Sedona Vortex journey, we always recommend that you visit the Red Rock Visitor Center to pick up more detailed hiking information or learn of any current trail closures. You will also need to buy your Red Rock Pass in order to park at many trails or lookouts.


How Does the Sedona Vortex Affect People?

A vortex, as many describe it, is an area of invisible, swirling energy emanating from the earth that is said to provide an uplifting and rejuvenating sensation in visitors.

Some visitors claim that the energy makes their body tingle.  Others may say their teeth may start aching or get their skin gets goosebumps.  Some others feel nothing at all, but many say they feel a sense of peace, mental insight, or a flow of energy.  Everyone is affected differently by the subtle vortex energies.

Vortex energy intensifies everything it comes in contact with and makes Sedona at large a huge amplifier. Many visitors enjoy touring the area to experience for themselves.


Vortex Energy and Natural Wellbeing


Sedona massage

Sedona has long been recognized as a place of natural healing. Whether you decide to search out the famous vortex energy on a hike, or you prefer to allow the calming Sedona energy to soothe your mood, many feel the call to relax and unwind with a spa treatment, in-room massage, or yoga class.

If your choice is to treat yourself to a massage, you may want to try out a new holistic therapy or an ancient Native American treatment to add to your experience.  Some of the more popular treatments include aromatherapy, Reiki energy healing, acupuncture, and sound healing with gongs or tuning forks.

If you’re seeking more spiritual clarity, Sedona is home to some of the most intuitive tarot card readers, psychics, palm readers, and aura readers.

Stay With Us

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Whatever your soul is seeking, you are sure to find the rest and rejuvenation you are looking for in your  Sedona vacation!




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